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About Me

Jeff Mosby was born a long time ago--quite a long time ago, actually, which makes him quite a bit older than I am.

He started his art career with lessons at Mrs. Beasley's house at a very young age. The lessons he learned there have stayed with him all these years. He pursued his art studies at Illinois State University, California Art Center, UCLA and California Institute of the Arts. In addition Jeff teaches watercolor classes to a group of nice ladies in Ohio (they love him like a son).

Jeff has done commissioned work for such companies as Martin Lawrence Galleries, Six Flags Amusement Parks, Chiat Day Advertising and BBDO Marketing.


He loves to draw and paint. If you want to capture the heart and spirit of your home through the eyes of a very talented artist, Jeff is your man! In addition to being extremely talented, he is nice, caring, honest, and will make sure you are happy with your painting. He takes pride in his work, and it shows.

Jeff lives happily in Ohio with his delightful wife, adorable daughter and slightly psychotic dog!

-Written by Jeff's wife, Patrice

P.S. Did I mention he's older than I am?

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